my favorite albums of 2010: #4. infinite arms- band of horses

4. infinite arms- band of horses: may 18, 2010

i’ve always liked band of horses, but infinite arms made me a fan. between this and cease to begin, the band welcomed 3 new members, meaning that lead singer ben bridwell is now the only boh member to have been around for everything all the time. so as you can guess, infinite arms is undoubtedly a shift from the band’s past releases.

remember conor oberst’s first solo album? it was recorded in mexico and had a distinctly provincial feel. similarly, infinite arms contains rustic elements that make it sound austere and almost primitive. (think about “dilly,” “laredo,” and “older.”) maybe southern is the word i’m looking for? this is certainly not something i’ve heard in their other work. and it seems like bridwell’s vocals, which pitchfork called a “honeypot,” still remains central to the band’s core but has taken a bit of a decreased role.

what i do kind of miss is the uncontainable passion behind the music. historically, i feel like band of horses has written soul-baring songs; wearing their hearts on their sleeves, the band puts it all out there emotionally. infinite arms lacks that, although “evening kitchen” is a taste of the past.

maybe the band’s going in a different direction now. (if you really miss the old stuff, maybe you should be listening to grand archives, led by former boh member mat brooke.) but like i said, this has been my personal favorite band of horses album thus far; i know most of you won’t agree, and that’s okay. at the very least, you can admit that the new songs add some variety to their live set.

i recommend:


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