my favorite albums of 2010: #5. contra- vampire weekend

5. contra- vampire weekend

every time i see this album cover, i think about how they are being sued for it. crazy times.

the beauty of this band is that their music, from a general standpoint, is undoubtedly amazing. take a closer look at the lyrics, really pull them apart, and your world is completely rocked. (“campus” and “a-punk” are superb examples of this.) it will probably take years for me to really wrap my head around each song on contra and dissect its intricacy, although i have started to really think about “holiday”:

a vegetarian since the invasion, she’d never seen the word “bombs”
she’d never seen the word bombs blown up to 96 point futura
she’d never seen an A-K in a yellowy day-glo display
a t-shirt so lovely, it turned all the history books grey


things i love about contra: how rostam has taken a larger role in their sound; how they are showing more emotional depth in their lyrics, proving they’re capable of more than an upbeat, catchy tune; how they’ve taken their quirks and built entire songs around them, like in “white sky” and “california english”; how they were probably the only band to ever make a music  video starring two of taylor swift’s boyfriends!

what i miss: the sophistication of wordplay. i’m not exactly saying it’s a fault, but it’s certainly something i miss. (though i did learn what aranciata is. balaclava, on the other hand, i learned from the arctic monkeys.)

i recommend:


~ by CJL on December 19, 2010.

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