my favorite albums of 2010: #6. moon rocks/jesse woods- jesse woods

6. moon rocks- jesse woods: august 17, 2010/jesse woods- jesse woods: october 1, 2009

to be fair, moon rocks only has 5 songs on it. one of them is from jesse’s self-titled debut, and another is a drum mix of the track that precedes it. so really, 3 songs, mas o menos. but leaving jesse woods off of this list would have not only been a huge injustice, but also an inaccurate summary of my year of music. therefore, i am combining moon rocks with jesse woods, but keeping them out of my top 5 because the latter came out last year. (fairness is an american virtue!)

i profiled jesse a few months ago, mentioning that he used to play receiver at a&m. i also recently raved about his cover of neon indian’s “mind, drips.” i really love any artist that has undeniable southern roots but still manages to appeal to a wide range of listeners. (i’m going to make the inevitable ryan adams comparison because of their genre and the unmistakable, scratchy twang in both of their voices.) however, jesse woods is much more of the gospel variety; his rendition of “down to the river” gives me chills.

see that second album cover? looks like a guy that sits outside a general store in mississippi on a wooden rocking chair, strumming on his banjo. and thats EXACTLY the kind of feeling his music emits. jesse is the definition of effortless…”easy listening” at it’s absolute finest. did i mention he’s pretty dreamy?

i recommend:

“sun moonshine”


~ by CJL on December 19, 2010.

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