my favorite albums of 2010: #1. been listening- johnny flynn

1. been listening- johnny flynn: june 7, 2010

it took 6 months, but i can now say that i wholeheartedly embrace every single song on this album. yep, all 11 0f them. i had my initial favorites after seeing him play some of the new material in march, then i actually got the cd and became obsessed with different ones; then, i saw him again in november, and you guessed it…i’m currently into a new slew of songs.

johnny’s such a renaissance man. he’s almost like this old-fashioned troubadour who walks around town singing stories that have been passed down for centuries. maybe it’s because he loves shakespeare. i picture all of his songs being written on gold-trimmed parchment paper in fancy calligraphy, bound in a big fat leather book. couldn’t you totally imagine reading “the prizefighter and the heiress” in a book like that, beginning with “once upon a time?” well, i could.

there’s alot of trumpet in been listening. as a result, much of it sounds very royal. or victorian. celtic? it just reminds me of castles and court jesters and stuff. what i’m saying is, this album is a time machine.

awhile back i watched crusade in jeans, a dutch movie starring johnny himself, in which he goes back in time to the year 1212. (this was actually available to stream on netflix. halfway through, i realized it is basically the same thing as timeline, the paul walker movie. timeline is really, really terrible, but has somehow become a family favorite, and we own 2 copies of it. 2!!) what i’m trying to say is that been listening, and johnny’s music in general, really reminds me of  that movie, and perhaps it had some kind of influence on his musical career? (probably not?)

as much as i plug johnny flynn on this blog, i know that most people won’t give him a chance, and those that do probably won’t like what they hear. it’s fine; he’s an acquired taste. i just think he is incredibly talented (he plays mandolin, guitar, dobro, violin, and trumpet, many times all during the same set) , puts on breathtaking live performances (i’ve seen him play with a band and also solo…his voice is enough to stand alone and still sound ample and rich), and is one of the most earnestly original musicians out there today.

i recommend:


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