my favorite albums of 2010: #2. gorilla manor- local natives

2. gorilla manor- local natives: february 16, 2010

so back in october of ’09, i excitedly wrote about “airplanes” and mentioned that i was really excited that their new album came out the following tuesday. NOPE. only if you lived in the uk. (johnny flynn’s record label burned me this way too. not cool.) so i patiently waited over 3 months for gorilla manor to make it stateside, and i was not disappointed.

there’s a lot of diversity on this album. i guess that’s pretty typical of a debut release because bands are compiling songs that have been around since the band’s original inception, and that usually covers a wide time span. however, i’d like to think local natives’ comes from the members’ constant shuffling of instruments and microphones. when kelcey sings lead, the track ends up sounding really different from a song that he’s just providing back up harmony. it’s a beautiful thing. oh, and i can’t not mention the mindblowing cover of the talking heads’ “warning sign.”

the only reason gorilla manor is not my #1 album of the year is because there are a few songs that i absolutely cannot warm up to. (and believe me, i’ve tried. this is definitely my most-played album of 2010.) in case you’re wondering, these are: “cubism dream,” “sticky thread,” and most of “sun hands.”

having seen them play twice, i can say that this quintet is an EXTREMELY polished live act. i was pretty blown away by how great they sound in person; they literally never miss a beat. or note, for that matter. and because there’s alot going on onstage when they perform, that’s an impressive achievement. also, i love andy hamm, even though he dresses like a homeless man 99% of the time.

i recommend:


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