a jets-giants super bowl would make jesse mccartney’s life.

man, espn’s the life just isn’t the same without paul shirley. (by the way, i just read his book, can i keep my jersey? and i definitely recommend it to any sports fan who loves self-deprecation and sarcasm. or anybody who is interested in what life as a cba/aba/euroleague basketball player is like. remember when i saw him at lollapalooza and pretty much died? yep, gooooood times. also, check out my impressive paul shirley archive.)

anyway, jesse mccartney is gracing the front of the life today. some really great journalism by mary buckheit here:

The Life: In 2008, your song “Leavin'” put the G5 in everybody’s lexicon. Now, Far East Movement has everybody feeling like a G6. What gives? Do you feel one-upped?

McCartney: > I’ll tell you this, it’s a great song, I love it, but I’m glad you asked because I’m gonna say something that might surprise some people — there’s no such thing as a G6. Google it. There’s a G550, but there’s no G6. But it doesn’t matter; it’s still a great song.

The Life: How was life on the team of “Alvin and the Chipmunks” with Jason Lee, Justin Long and the rest of the gang?

McCartney: It’s been so much fun working on those movies. I loved “Alvin and the Chipmunks” when I was a kid and I’m actually really fascinated with animation, so when I got that call from Fox to read for Theodore, I was super excited. It’s funny; my speaking voice is actually pretty low, it’s a low register, and Theodore is the highest of the three, so it wasn’t easy. I had to do Theodore right. I didn’t want to mess that up for anyone. Everyone knows what Theodore is supposed to sound like, so I had to really squeeze the vocal chords and do him justice. We’re about to start the third movie at the end of January, so we’ll release another one in 2011.

and of course, there were some sports talk, since, after all, this is espn.

{sports! music! espn’s the life!}

mccartney, who grew up in new york, says he wants nothing more than a jets-giants superbowl (good luck giants; hope you can overcome your recent implosion) and that mark sanchez “is soon to be the next money-making face of the league as the veteran quarterbacks retire.” (well yes, he has done a gq shoot.) this is endearing though:

The Life: You’ve been on the road a lot lately. Do you ever get a Sunday to just sit around and watch football?

McCartney: I pray every day of my life that I have a few hours off on a Sunday where I can just sit around and watch the games. Even in the offseason, I’m thinking, “I wonder if this album is going to come out at a time where I can be home for like 16 weeks.”

celebs. they’re just like us. however, this was too far:

The Life: All right, here’s the situation. MTV released its list of the top 25 songs of 2010 and you’re on it, along with the other hottest musicians of the year. If those other 24 pop stars were free agents and you could acquire any five of them and sign them to six-year contracts, who do you negotiate with to assemble your ultimate musical team for the future?

McCartney: Ooh, man. That’s a good one. I would go with Usher, definitely, because Usher is back and he has proven that he can do it time and time again. He’s a veteran, and I think he has another three, four, five years in him. I’d hold onto Gaga as well. She is going to come back with a strong record and she’s got the talent. I’d go with Drake; I think Drake is a monster of the rhythmic game and the ladies love him, and he’s a good face for the team. Let’s see. I’d take Katy Perry, yeah, and I would take Rihanna, too. Three girls, two guys and I’ll be the captain. We’re good to go.

hahahahaha. “all right, here’s the situation.”

and of course, this came up.

and finally, my favorite jesse quote from this interview:

I was out one night and Lamar Odom came up to me and he was like, “Hey man. Once in awhile, we hear your song in the locker room.” That was pretty awesome. I find it hard to believe that the Lakers are warming up to one of my records, but he was like, “No, man, once in awhile.” I’ll take that.

read the whole feature here.


~ by CJL on December 30, 2010.

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