local natives @ waterloo records 4/23/10

local natives played a sold out show at antone’s last night. i wasn’t there, but i did go to their afternoon set at waterloo records. i was kinda blown away by how great they sound live. like, they were pretty amazing. it was kind of the opposite of when i saw freelance whales and was blown away by how not great they sounded live. (sorry, freelance whales! i still think you are great for referencing “pumpkin head” in one of your songs!)

funny how you can’t even tell there are 2 more guys in the back. (photo via the austinist)

here’s the setlist. i think this is the correct order but probably not. also, they may or may not have played “world news.” i can’t remember. I WAS THERE, I PROMISE!!!!!

  1. wide eyes
  2. cards & quarters
  3. warning sign
  4. stranger thread
  5. airplanes

too bad i couldn’t find a video of “cards & quarters,” but this one of “warning sign” is pretty good too.

overall, an awesome time minus the annoying people in the crowd who were a.) bragging to their friends (or complete strangers?) about how much they knew about they band yet were completely unaware of the year that gorilla manor was released, (that’s 2009, by the way), or b.) shoving their way to the front to take pictures on their camera phone.

i was embarrassed for all of them. (all = 2 human beings). okay, the end.


~ by CJL on April 24, 2010.

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